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Education Program


"I am excited with the new education developments I am leading at City Engineering in the domain Robotics and Autonomous and AI. Part of this major development is linked to our new MSc in Robotics, AI and Autonomous Systems. This exciting MSc aims to provide knowledge of the fundamental principles related to the design and operation of Autonomous Systems, with emphasis on, but not limited to, Autonomous Vehicles and Mobile Robots operating in ground, air and space. Autonomous operation requires advanced levels of Versatility, Adaptability and Machine Intelligence.

The MSc program will include up to date material and research project proposals to teach our students the latest developments in the domain of Robotics, AI and Autonomous systems. Also, we align our program with industry vision, requirements and recommendations through the industrial board, which is setup for this purpose. Indeed, an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is planned for this MSc and it is already agreed with a number of prestigious industrialists.

Have a look at the details of the program in the link below: "


 Prof. Nabil Aouf

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