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Robotics, Autonomy and Machine Intelligence Group

A World-class Research Group

Robotics, Autonomy and Machine Intelligence Group

Robotics, Autonomy and Machine Intelligence (RAMI) Group led by Prof Nabil Aouf is dedicated to fulfil customer’s ambitious and innovative requirements. The group steadily establishes itself as a world leader in a range of applications from automatic sensing to processing and AI Autonomy for Data Processing, Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles to platforms Navigation/Control and Cyber Physical Systems.



"I'd like to welcome you to my group webpage. You can navigate through the tabs to checkout our exciting projects and read more about RAMI. you can find my research profile and facilities below


 Prof. Nabil Aouf

Research Profile

Research Profile


The centre has two fully equipped research facilities. It has one of the largest indoor testing area in London. With fitted opti-track motion tracking systems in this area, running of multi-platform tests for both drones and ground vehicles can be achieved smoothly. In addition to seven drones, the centre is in custody of two mobile ground robots equipped with latest sensors like the Velodyne Puck lidar and Zed cameras. The centre also possess three robotic manipulators from top sellers like: Sawyer, Kinova and Franka. The centre engages in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications with world-class goggle kits.  The centre has a High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. All these and lots more.

The research centre has world class facilities.

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